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Android Status Bar Icons

Status bar icons are used to represent notifications from your application in the status bar.

Design better-looking Android apps faster with Android Status Bar Icons! The collection of 129 unique statusbar icons helps you enhance status bars in your Android apps, making them look crisp and slick with pro-grade graphics. Drawn in strict accordance with Guidelines for Status Bar Icons, the collection meets the requirements for apps designed for Android 2.3 and later.

Android Status Bar Icons includes pre-rasterized icons in ldpi, mdpi, and hdpi resolutions, which correspond to pixel sizes of 24x38, 16x25, and 12x19. Optional vector sources are also available, allowing you to render highly detailed icons in literally any size and resolution.

PNG and PSD versions are supplied, the latter featuring an extra layer to control the depth of each icon. That extra layer is in addition to the alpha-channel that controls icons' translucency and allows them to render smoothly on any background. Scalable vector sources are delivered in SVG and AI formats.

Raster icons in PNG format only: $49.00 / 39.00 EUR
Raster icons in PNG and PSD formats + vector sources in AI and SVG formats: $149.00 / 129.00 EUR

Android Status Bar Icons

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Android Status Bar Icons

Note: These icons are drawn in according to Android Icon Design Guidelines.

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Icons for Android

Aha-Soft offers the following Android interface icons:

Menu Icons

Android Menu Icons

Menu icons are graphical elements placed in the options menu shown to users when they press the Menu button.

Status Bar Icons

Android Status Bar Icons

Status bar icons are used to represent notifications from your application in the status bar.

Tab Icons

Android Tab Icons

Tab icons are graphical elements used to represent individual tabs in a multi-tab interface.

Dialog Icons

Android Dialog Icons

Dialog icons are shown in pop-up dialog boxes that prompt the user for interaction.

List View Icons

Android List View Icons

List view icons are used with Status Bar to graphically represent list items. An example is the Settings application.

Launcher Icons

Android Launcher Icons

A Launcher icon is a graphic that represents your application on the device's Home screen and in the Launcher window.

Android Dialog Icons Need to Consider the Essential Guidelines

Well, its the Android Dialog Icons that really assist the users to meet their requirements. The developers of these icons should meet the essential guidelines when they are designing the icons for mobile apps. The icon design guidelines can determine the icon size, color palette and visual styling that applied in interactive prompts and pop-up dialog boxes. It is very essential to remember that Android applications run on broad range of hardware platforms and fully loaded with shows of varieties of pixel densities to integrate different types of screens that applied in many devices which are running Android OS. The good news is that, Android Dialog Icons are flat and designed with the use of an inner shadow and light gradient. The visual styling graphics can assist the Android Dialog Icons to stand out against the dark background. Designing the Android Dialog Icons is easy and you can create the Android Dialog Icons through Adobe Photoshop by downloading the icons templates.

Develop Android apps much faster with the professional quality of Android Dialog Icons! The slick, and high pixel count icons can blend seamlessly with Android environment with the semi translucent channel. Additionally, extra alpha channel is also included to allow adjusting visible depth of every image, and making icons look more and less etched. Collection of the Android dialog icons also includes the images that you are likely to use in newly developed app. The images that are representing different operating systems, numbers, calculator, as well as currencies, various organizer and mail symbols are been supplied. All thanks to available vector resources, icons support the low resolution displays and newest high definition screens that are available in the newer Android devices. You may render the crisp, detailed as well as well-defined photo image in any of the resolution from SVG and AI vector sources.

iphone icons tips

Android Status Bar Icons feature:

Resolutions: low-, medium-, and high-density screens
Raster formats: PNG, PSD
Background: transparent
Vector formats: AI, SVG
Icon quantity: 129
Image file quantity: 1064

Android Menu Icon Guidelines Hints

1. Icons have a larger safe frame; icon content is smaller within the full asset. Final asset sizes have not changed.
2. The color palette is slightly lighter.
3. No outer glow effects are applied.
4. Menu icons can now be rendered on either dark or light backgrounds.

Individual stock Icons

You can buy individual ready-made icons to suit your needs. Each icon is $1 when purchased individually.

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